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Signature of Kutaro Nishimuta

  • In June 1954, many prayers were answered when James, the 7th child of Kutaro and Louisa, was ordained as a Priest in the Maryknoll order.  It was a time of great celebration in the family. James followed his older sister Mary into the order, and she wrote a beautiful account of the week leading up to and the week following the ordination. This is a must read for all Nishimutas.

    James K. Nishimuta's ordination story


  • Mike Nishimuta, son of Paul and Ora, was the first Nishimuta boy after Fr. James to return to Japan. He visited in 1973, and again in 1985. He kept a diary of the trip in 1985, traveling with Fr Jim to the family homestead. Read Mike's diary of his trip to the family home in Fukuoka.

Mike's trip to Japan in 1985

Photo album of Mike's trip to Japan

  • Francis Nishimuta, the third son of Kyutaro and Louisa, was born in 1919. In a series of emails to his children in 2002, he recounted a fascinating story of the family history in his own words.

Francis Nishimuta's Story

  • Margaret and Grace Nishimuta, the younger daughters of Kyutaro and Louisa, were born in 1922 and 1920. In May 1980, they were the first female descendents of Kutaro to return to the ancestral home. Fr James Nishimuta accompanied them, and Margaret's written diary of the trip is an insightful look into her feelings of returning to the birth place of her father.

        Margaret Nishimuta Cavnar's Diary of the Trip to Japan


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