Tateno Family Portrait, 1909

Standing (L to R): Shiego, Kiemon Madarame, Kitinosuke, Ine, Mume, Mori.
Seated (L to R): Kyuemon, Kyuzaemon, Yae, Tsurugami, Sue.
Standing (L to R): Kei,  Sumi Michi.
In birth order, the family of Kyuzaemon Tateno (71) and Yae Idenoue (65)
- Kiemon Madarame son of Yae (Wife Mume)
  -- Children of Kiemon and Mume: Shiego (15), Mori (14)
- Kijiroo (not pictured)  d 1889
- Tsurugame (38) (probably not married)
- Kitinosuke (35) Wife Ine (33)
  -- Children of Kitinosuke and Ine: Kei (9) and Sumi (3) (Yukiti b 1913)
- Sue (32) married 3 times, probably not married at this time. First child is Hime b 1912
- Kutero (Not pictured - living in USA, age 28)
- Kyuemon (23) (Not yet married)
In this photo Kiemon is wearing the Madarame family crest. Kyuemon and Sue are wearing the Tateno crest
 All dates and ages are approximations.

Standing: Tsurugame. Seated Kyuzaemon and Yae.

Standing (L to R): Tsurugame, Kyuemon, Kizaemon, Kichinosuke
Seated (L to R): Ine, Yae, Sue, Shigeo