Nishimuta Family History
Louisa Immigrates from Spain

Eloisa Adoracion was born February 28, 1889 in the village of Lucar, Spain, north of Andalusia, in the Province of Almeria near the Mediterranean Coast. On March 3 she was baptized - her baptismal certificate is signed by the pastor of Sosmontre, and it identifies her father as Casiano Lorenzo Egea, a laborer, and her mother as Rafaela Encinas Castillo. Her parents and grandparents are identified as members of the village and parish.

According to a letter accompanying the certificate from Spain, Louisa entered the convent of the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary in Baza, and professed temporal vows on November 21, 1907, at the age of 18. She left the convent three years later.

The oral family history says that Louisa was brought to the United States by Mrs. Hamilton of Omaha to work as a domestic maid, and to tutor Mrs. Hamilton's daughter in Spanish. The record from Ellis Island shows Patrocinio Lorenzo, from Seron, Spain, a female, age 24, entering the United States at New York on October 27, 1913. She sailed from Boulogne and Pas-de-Calais, France, on the Nieuw Amsterdam.

Nieuw Amsterdam of the Holland-America Line

On the same ship arrival are listed two Hamilton families from Omaha, Nebraska:

  • Frank G. (male/married, age 51)
  • Louise (female/married, age 36)
  • Erilosa (female, single, age 5)
  • Charles W. (male/married, age 54)
  • Maud (female/married, age 55)
  • Raphael (male, single, age 21)
  • Marion (female, single, age 16)

The manifest shows Louisa's occupation as Maid, Height 5'2", in the Service of Mrs F. Hamilton.

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