Baptismal Certificate for Louisa Lorenzo
March 3, 1889

Letter accompanying the birth certificate of Louisa Lorenzo

March 6, 1987

Dear Mrs. Nishimuta,

I am very pleased to send you a photocopy of the baptismal certificate that exists in our files that surely is that of your mother, although there are differences: for example, the certificate says Eloisa and not Luisa for the name, which is a different name.

There is also a note which says that your mother belonged to this Congregation, that she professed temporal vows on November 21, 1907, and left the congregation in 1910.

Mother Josefina de Cistue died many years ago, having, reached the age of 99.

We wish you a very happy birthday and a pleasant trip to Spain. As you will know, the village where your mother was born is called Lucar.

Baza is the city where she was a nun. Almeria is the capital of the province where she was born. Granada is our capital.

Believing that we have pleased you, we send you our best wishes and prayers.

Matilde Adarve
Religious Sister

Matilde Adarve

Sisters of the Presentation
Calle San Juan de los Reyes, 81
18010 Granada

Translation of Birth and Confirmation Certificate of Louisa Lorenzo

Don Jose Mesas Galera, the pastor-econome of the parish church of the village of Lucar, certifies: that in folio 113 of book 18 of baptisms of the archives in my charge is registered the following:


In the village of Lucar, province and diocese of Almeria, on March 3, 1889,

I, Don Onsfre Meras Sanchez, pastor of the Parish of Sosmontre and in charge of this parish, solemnly baptized here a girl who was given the name of Eloisa Adoracion of Lucar in the Province of Almeria, of Casiano Lorenzo Egea, a laborer, and of Rafaela Encinas Castillo, a native of this place, married in this parish and faithful members of it. The paternal grandparents are Jose Lorenzo Requeno, a native of this village, and Maria Luisa Egea Romero of this village; the maternal grandparents are Jose Encinas Acosta, a native of this village, and Josefa Castillo Garcia of this village. The godparents were Antonio Zrugillo Lopez and his wife Juana Perez Berruero of this area, whom I warned about the spiritual parenthood and obligations that were contracted; the witnesses being D. Jose Ontioeras Galeras, sacristan, and Antonio Encinas Castillo, acolyte, of this village.

This certificate conforms to the original. Lucar, March 26, 1909.

Jose Mesas Galera

I hereby certify that in the first book of confirmations in folio 31, on November 9, 1889 D. Santos Zarate, Bishop of this diocese, confirmed Adoracion Lorenzo Encinas, the legitimate daughter of Casiano and Rafaela, natives of Lucar.

Lucar, March 26, 1909

Jose Mesas Galera